Feb. 2008: ANTOnline launches fake review sites to bury collection of critical reviews?

To counter the collection of bad reviews on this site, ANTOnline may have retained a company
to launch several FAKE REVIEW SITES, cherry-picking positive reviews to bury this site.
We're truly honored ANT!

Here's a shortlist (discovered when searching google for "ANTOnline problems"):
www.antonlinedeals.com: REVIEW SPAM SITE to counter bad reviews on Buy.Com
www.aboutantonline.com: REVIEW SPAM SITE to counter bad reviews on Amazon.com
www.shopantonline.com: REVIEW SPAM SITE to counter bad reviews on PriceGrabber.com
www.antonlineinfo.com: REVIEW SPAM SITE to counter bad reviews on Nextag.com
www.myantonline.com: REVIEW SPAM SITE to counter bad reviews on Nextag.com

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Q: Why should you avoid ANTOnline.com?

A: Virtually no customer support via telephone...

B: Support via email takes ages... 24 hours round-trip...

C: They play the "blame game" with UPS...(*)

D: Very high shipping fees...

E: Deny returns on opened boxes...

F: High restocking fee (15-30%)...

(*)Products Damaged in Shipping

Shipping Damaged Products should be refused. If Shipping Damaged Products are accepted inadvertently, please email ANTonline Customer Support at support@antonline.com within the first 24 hours of receipt to report damage and be eligible for damage claim. This is necessary for ANTonline to file a shipping damage claim on behalf of customers. ANTOnline is not liable for any monies lost when the carrier refuses shipping damage claims.

Q: Who else is complaining?

A: Where to begin? Here's some other people telling you to avoid ANTOnline

Complaints about ANTOnline problems and bad reviews on Amazon.com (three samples)

Three samples of the negative seller ratings on Amazon for ANTOnline.com are enclosed below.
- the initial batch was collected for a period of 5 days only (around year's end 2006).
- the second batch of 77 complaints were received in one week (Feb 2007)
- the third batch of 79 complaints in almost two weeks (Mar 2008), i.e. the complaint rate is less than before, but we continue to detect the same issues:

Bad customer service, High shipping charges, Major RMA issues incl. no credit or no record of return, Cancels orders to avoid bad feedback

Bad feedback prompts action on their part, if you make the mistake of removing it once a reaction is achieved,
e.g. at their request, you must realize that AMAZON only allows permanent removal and you cannot reinstate
or revise a bad review

Complaints and bad reviews about ANTOnline on ResellerRATINGS.com

3/12/08 10:20 AM
After reading the reviews, I thought ANT would be fine. They're fine if nothing gos wrong with the order. But once something goes wrong I have got nothing but runarounds and bad customer service. My order was shipped. Fedex actually delivered it to the wrong place. When I contacted Fedex, they said the shipper needed to place a claim. I contacted ANT, and they said they would make the claim. I contacted ANT, then nothing. I contacted them again. Set up support tickets. Emailed many times, and nothing. Finally, I called again explaining everything. They said to set up a support ticket or email because they on 'online retailer.' The woman said since she was in 'customer service' she coudln't help me. I was thinking, "Isn't helping me customer service." Any way, I realized that I just needed to contact my credit card company but I would say staw away from ANT.

2/1/08 8:43 PM
I ordered three items from Antonline (paying through Google), figuring that the reviews on this site are relatively good unless there's a return involved (where they get universally very bad marks). Since the items ordered were low-tech, I gave it a shot. I received a note telling me that one item on my order was damaged in transit to it's warehouse, so they were cancelling the entire order, but I was free to reorder. I placed a reorder through Amazon.com -- this time I just got an eMail saying my order was being cancelled with no explanation. In both cases, my money was refunded, so no loss, but I just think that if a company is going to have items for sale, they should be for sale. (fyi, prices for each of these items were increased since the initial order, so that may have something to do with it). Bottom line, I won't be ordering anything from this vendor from here on in.

A long list of negative feedback http://www.resellerratings.com/seller6234-p1-s2-d1.html#reviews\

Complaints about bad customer service by ANTOnline on BizRate.com

GSM7088 Mar 17, 2008 BE WARNED!!!
Purchased a bluetooth adapter in February 2008 from ANTOnline.com. I changed my mind and decided to return the order, which was NEVER opened, even the UPS shipping package it came wrapped in. I have sent 3 emails and made 6 phone calls to them because I did not receive any response after filling out the return merchadise authorization (RMA) request on their website. When you speak to their customer service, they simply state there is nothing they can do except submit "another" ticket request inquiring about the status of the RMA request. NOTE: ANTOnline makes it very clear that they will not accept any returns with this RMA number, however, they use this "tactic" in their favor and... (more)

RICK Mar 04, 2008 On 11/20/2007
I bought from antonline.com a "1x8 HDMI Distribution amplifier".Product was received on 11/29/07. The product was not working and on 12/05/2007 as requested by antonline.com, called the manufacturing company Gefen, Inc for service repair. Got product back on January 09, 2008. It is still not working. After so many calls to antonline and no replies...sent an email requesting a RMA from antonline. I wanted my money back...finally, on 01/15/2008 antonline replied stating that "unfortunately the return window for this purchase has been exceeded". Unbelievable!!!!! IF YOU ARE THINKING IN BYING HERE...PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND...GO SOMEPLACE ELSE...I AM FACING PROBLEMS IN SUING THEM... (more)

Yes, with 500+ bizrate reviewers the conclusion is that ANTOnline has terrible customer service (5.2 out of 10 on March 2008)

Complaints about ANTOnline on Better Business Bureau Atlanta

Based on BBB files, [ANTOnline] has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to failure to respond to one or
more complaints and or two or more otherwise
unresolved complaints"
source: http://atlanta.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=39&bbb=0443&firm=3003912 (Jan 3, 2007-Mar 19, 2008)

"The BBB processed a total of 82 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.
Of the total of 82 complaints closed in 36 months, 68 were closed in the last year.

Complaints about ANTOnline on RipOff Reports

ANTonline: They have no clue whats going on and they dont care, worst customer service experi[e]nce ever for me Roswell Georgia
I ordered a product via buy.com through ANTOnline, it had a big rebate so I wanted to be sure it was valid. I called to confirm and they refered me to buy.com who referred me to ANTonline. Rather than play the he said she said game I just decided to cancel the order. I recieved my confirmation email at 4:47 and replied to cancel at 5:11. This is because if you call the phone number and use the number 4 option, which is your order... you are told to send an email to support@antonline.
I spoke to a number of people and told them to cancel the order as well. Of course, the next day I get an email saying it had to be cancelled in 90 minutes. Which it was from my end. When I called they said there was nothing they could do.
I told them that im going to refuse shipment to which they said that they would refuse it on there end! what a bunch of jokers! Your the shipper, you can't refuse your own shipment!
All they had to do is either get knowledgable staff that could answer a rebate question and it would have been solved. Then they could have cancelled the order. And THEN they could have even offered to pay shipping like a reasonable merchant would do. But they dropped the ball the whole way, hell they never had the ball.
So that would have been easy, now it's in the hands of the BBB and my credit card company while I refuse shipment. these guys are a total joke.

source: Nick - Waukesha, Wisconsin - U.S.A. via RipoffReport.com

There's more on RipoffReport:
ANTOnline - Atlanta Network Technologies factual misstatement of specs on website. refusal to issue UPS pick up call tag. Auto reply directs you to agree to pay return freight and restocking charge of minimum 15%. ripoff Roswell Georgia (8/7/07)

ANTOnline DISHONEST COMPANY, They Claim they have a liberal return policy, THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS IF YOU OPEN BOX, EVEN ON DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE! ripoff Roswell Georgia (8/14/07)

ANTonline - Atlanta Network Technologies Inc ANTonline VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - MISLEADING PARTS DESCRIPTIONS CAROL STREAM Illinois (8/14/07)

More complaints

To find more complaints about antoline.com use your trusted friends from google: antonline sucks / avoid antonline / antonline "buyer beware"
or check out Amazon.com for the latest NEGATIVE SELLER RATINGS for ANTOnline

Q: So what to do?

Answer: Play the game right... Voice your complaints to AMAZON... File for A-Z/100% satisfaction guarantee FROM AMAZON.
Never Block CC payment, or Amazon will not accept A-Z claim... NEVER REMOVE NEGATIVE COMMENTS FROM AMAZON,
if you want your case to be resolved quickly.

Oh, and if you're really, REALLY mad after being cheated out of $200 via deceitful tactics... then just register a domain name,
build a quick & dirty, butt-ugly site with TRUTHFUL info to make sure others don't make the same mistakes!

Phew... now I feel better...

Batch 3 - March 2008: 79 single star reviews, still the same issues as one year ago

"I ordered 6 boxes, only received 1. They told me the other 5 were damaged in shipping, but I only found out because I emailed them a week after only receiving 1. They should have contacted me. And instead of just shipping the 5 after that, they canceled the order, which was a big pain for me. Will not shop with them again."
Date: 3/19/2008     Rated by Buyer: Anthony K.

"Fast shipping. Unit had defective speaker. They didn't have anymore so I had to RMA it with Garmin. They only have a return policy and no exchange policy. If they did have more in stock, I would have to buy it again and wait for refund on defective one."
Date: 3/19/2008     Rated by Buyer: Chris

"Still have not received product after 3 weeks. Talked to Antline twice without resolution. Promised phone call but never received. Promised product on 2 occasions but never received. Antline's own representatives could not track this order yet they never re-sent or sent this order."
Date: 3/18/2008     Rated by Buyer: Ken W.

"Charged $13.04 for shipping two 1GB RAM. It came with what looked like regular kingston packaging and a bubble envelope. Shipping was way overcharged!!!" Date: 3/18/2008 Rated by Buyer: Helen

"Horrible experience. I gave them over 36 hrs to respond to my concerns before leaving this feedback. They shipped the item I purchased, recalled the order from UPS the day it was be be delivered to my house, then stated Amazon made a mistake with listing the item in THEIR inventory. How are you not repsonsible for the QA of your product listings? Will not do business with them again, steer clear."
Date: 3/18/2008     Rated by Buyer: Chad M.

"I ordered the wrong size item for my door, caught the mistake 3 hours later on a sunday night. I tryed to cancel order so I could re-order the right item. Got an email back that said the items was too far along in the order process to cancel, the item was on the truck to UPS, etc. IN fact the item did not ship until several days later and was not on the truck as stated. I do not trust them." Date: 3/17/2008 Rated by Buyer: william j.

"I did not recieve the correct item and when I was told I could get a refund, they didn't refund my total amount...not even just the amount of the item...I'm not even asking for shipping. It was just wrong!" Date: 3/17/2008 Rated by Buyer: Kelsey E.

"I would not buy from this seller again; Icalled customer service and got the "run around" by a person who did not know information about the product. I tried the product but could not get it to work on my computer. I called back only to be placed on hold without anyone answering my questions. I tried to return the product but was told in an email that they would not take it back.;"
Date: 3/17/2008     Rated by Buyer: Andrew N.

"Company is very unreponsive. Item returned 1/18 and still no credit issued. Have tried several times to get information and it is an endless loop of the same emails."
Date: 3/16/2008     Rated by Buyer: douglauri

"Seller never disclosed that this item was a final sale and refuse take it back." Date: 3/16/2008 Rated by Buyer: Charlie M.

"Had to return my case, there is no exchange policy and I sent it back for literally 1/5 of the shipping price they charged me." Date: 3/16/2008 Rated by Buyer: Lara S.

"Item would not fit in my laptop computer. After I talked to them on the phone they said because I installed the software I could not return it.. Item was wifi card for the laptop and installed the software first as recomended, but then the card would not go into my laptop. Now I have a $90 card that is useless to me." Date: 3/16/2008 Rated by Buyer: Jim C.

"Ordered a BluRay PC drive from ANTOnline/Amazon.com. They confirmed the order, shipped the drive, it got to my hometown,, then they recalled the shippment realizing that they priced it too low. No email to me with explination, when I email asking what was wrong, they said they had sent the wrong product and were issuing a refund. Amazon admitted pricing issue. ANTOnline lied in the email to me" Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: Richard R.

"Horrible experience. They shipped the Item and intercepted the package and now after trying to contact the seller for couple of times and no response. Now after 4 days i get a sorry mail ..!!" Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: LAKSHMI S.

"Purchased 8 memory cards - one was bad. I was told I could not return it. I tried to contact Kingston for replacement and never heard back from them. Guess I am out of luck on the bad one." Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: Bonnie B.

"The adjustable Mcrophone did not work. I tried to return it, I just gave up and threw it away." Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: Lawrence W.

"can't get in touch with anyone on how to exchange my item" Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: jeffery h.

"The 22" LCD I bought from them was great if you like returned Items being sold to you. A tear in the monitor screen about 1 1/2" inches, then when I told them they made Fedex do an investigation on it and I still haven't got my money back yet." Date: 3/15/2008 Rated by Buyer: robert y.

"Billy Bag arrived on time, however it would never hold air. Have contacted seller and had no feedback as how to remedy the situation." Date: 3/14/2008 Rated by Buyer: charmagen

"Ordered the item. Cost $24. Received confirmation of items not ordered. Cost $150. Amazon figured out the problem. I received what I ordered. Packing slip enclosed. No amount. Vendor customer service a joke. Couldn't find their own tracking number. Wanted me to call my Mastercard company." Date: 3/14/2008 Rated by Buyer: Kathleen B.

"The extension was suppose to be compadable with the base I also ordered but through Amazon as stated. But it didn't work I think maybe it was outdated or old and wouldn't make a connection to the base. I request a return authorization but they will not give one because I opened the package. But how would I know if it would work? So I am out my money and have a product I can't use."
Date: 3/14/2008     Rated by Buyer: SHELLI S.

"Buyer beware....my item arrived with a hardware failure and ANTOnline's policy is too bad..so sad.. "contact the manufacturer"" Date: 3/14/2008 Rated by Buyer: Matthew S.

"I ordered plantronics ear cushions ($1.63) - the foam rubber things for headphones - they sent them in a 12''X9""X6 1/2 "" box and charged me $6.98 for shipping!!....Is that believable!???...and sent it by Fed Express...!!!" Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: ksadmin8

"I paid extra for faster shipping, but Didn't get it early. I paid $14.00 for nothing." Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: Jasmin B.

"ORDERED 2/11/08, AS OF 3/13/08 I'M STILL WAITING ON PART OF MY ORDER" Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: Candace G.

"Manufacturer's defect. The adaptor was missing 4 holes rendering it useless. I contacted ANTOnline and was given an RMA. I returned it a month ago and have yet to receive any reply. Worst online purchase to date." Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: David N.

"This seller commits fraud by failing to provide the ordered item despite their claim of Amazon providing the description. They further fail to respond to email. They will not refund buyer error but will candel a contract when they err. Stay away!!!!" Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: Kenneth P.

"Purchased $100+ speakers. It is defective from the begining. I came to know that it was defective only after opening and using it. When I contacted them, they refused to provide return shipping as they don't see any fault of theirs. They hardly provide any information on phone. E-mail responses are hard to get. I returend at my own expense. I am still waiting for the refund." Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: Gopala K.

"Camera was exactly like expected. Shipping was questionable ethics. I paid for expedited shipping. It stated 1-3 business days. Yes, they SHIPPED in 1-3 days, ground. I ordered it on 6th, arrival on 13th. ANTonline did not respond to my emails as of yet." Date: 3/13/2008 Rated by Buyer: Brad S.

"Dead on arrival. ANT refused to pay return shipping. I'm not going to shop with ANT longer. They won't pay to return their defective merchandise. I lost money on this deal. I'm out the cost of return shipping." Date: 3/13/2008     Rated by Buyer: Jeff W.

"These guys are scam artists. They do not offer replacement of defective parts. If you get something defective ... you will need to re-order and repay shipping charges as well as return shipping charges. For me this added $30 dollars to a $36 dollar transaction. Don't use these guys" Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: Brian R.

"At Least they got this order right. Last Time i ordered cl-41 and they sent cl-40 could not use and would not let me return" Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: Raymond D.

"I bought 1 ink cartridge at lower than store $, + delivery charges the total went up higher than the store. The web site said to buy more items and they would deliver for free. Well i got that one delivered for free and charges for delivery ont the other items i bought in order to get the free delivery, What a scam Never Again, Ill wait long lines at the store, atleast i know what im paying for" Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: lumabern

"Box came dented, product doesn't work, and the seller says I need to deal w/ the manufacturer. That is total crap. I have disputed this with my credit card company. I will not pay for something that doesn' t work, nor will I deal w/ the manufacturer. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!" Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: kelly g.

"There was a problem with shipping of the items and ANTonline was not very supportive in getting it resolved" Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: Brian M.

"I have not received the item I ordered." Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: Zagat S.

"The item I got from them got broken the same day I received it and I'm not able to return it until now." Date: 3/12/2008 Rated by Buyer: sameh103

"I ordered the iteam on, i belive feb 18 and still have not recived it in the mail" Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Thomas D.

"Arrived without the remote control and never got any response from the seller" Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Maria d.

"i rece'd my first order quickly, but the clip broke and i ordered another. i have yet to receive it and i have yet to receive any feedback from ANTOnline." Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Mary P.

"Item not as described, had to return at great loss of shipping both ways." Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: cjanetyp

"I received my item (an a/c adaptor for my laptop) and immediately realized it was not compatible, after plugging it in and finding it didn't charge my laptop. I sent it back to ANTOnline right away, and they only refunded me $60 out of my $80 charge, claiming it had been "not in sellable condition." I sent it back exactly as it was sent to me, except the tape on the box had been cut." Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: atxslonghorn

"The item I ordered was poor quality and came in the wrong order. Their return policy is poor and I would have paid more to return than the original cost of the item." Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Stephanie S.

"FRAUD. Item still undelivered. Contacted seller was told order closed. Invoices shows wrong address that does NOT exist. seller has still not replied my last email." Date: 3/11/2008 Rated by Buyer: Olalekan S.

"good luck getting anyone on the phone who could actually be of service. i was sent the wrong item then told that i needed to ship said item back on my dime and wait for a refund. low fi." Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: matten

"Product arrived on time, but was defective. Rather than accepting a return or offering a refund, ANTOnline expected me to track down the manufacturer and negotiate repair or replacement with them directly. They also expected me to ship back a defective product at my own expense." Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: epzip

"I ordered the item and then contacted the seller (several times) through my Amazon account (so they could be sure it was me) about an incorrect shipping address, but they refused to fix the problem. FedEx will only change the address if the seller calls, and leaving negative feedback seems to be the only way these people will pay attention." Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: ins_mem

"It is bad enough that you had to cancel, instead of re-sending, my "damaged" order, but to send 3 cables separately so I am paying $17 in shipping costs for $13 of cable is plain greedy." Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: Shirley A.

"******WATCH OUT WONT RETURN ITEMS*******" Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: Diane K.

"Im still waiting for my stuff, and its about 5 days after it was suppose to be here. Dont bother with these clowns." Date: 3/10/2008 Rated by Buyer: Charles R.

"Come on, i ask for 3 flash sticks and i end up getting them in two shipments? This cost me $10 for each shipment. which means i paid $20 to ship the items from the USA to Jordan. this is my only complain about this purchase, i paid shiping costs of extra $10 simply coz the did not see that i wanted 3 flash sticks! they 1st send a package of 2 and then another of 1. All in all, this flash mem FAST" Date: 3/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: Adel A.

"Do not use this seller, awful customer service, BUYER BEWARE, STAY AWAY" Date: 3/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: MCDON26

"Pain in my butt. I was due to receive my item by 3/4 according to FedEX tracking. When I called for assistance lady was rude and didnt want to help. When I used online support it was a bit more pleasant. I got the answers I was trying to get. However, I was later notified that my camera had been "damage during transport". so the order was canceled." Date: 3/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: sylvia

"They have a scnadalously prohibitive return policy. After opening the package I discovered it was the wrong product. Antonline absolutely refused to approve an RMA and left me stuck with merchandise. They are not worthy of Amazon.com" Date: 3/8/2008 Rated by Buyer: Franken

"Refusal of a return because a package was opened is an unreasonable request. It was only after I had opened the package and attempted pairing with my cell phone that I discovered the two were incompatible. How else would I have known this or even used the product if it had been compatible and defective for another reason if I did not open the package?" Date: 3/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: Cherie

"this 'thermos' is not for coffee, but cold beverages. I would have been able to tell if there were adequate pictures. Seller's auto-generated email responses to my return inquiry were confusing and intimidating. I felt if I got one little thing wrong in the return paperwork that I would lose my money, plus the item, plus the shipping to send it back. I'm NOT fired up about this seller :(" Date: 3/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: hurricanepatrick

"I would not recommend ordering from ANTOnline. I have bought several things from Amazon and have been happy with everyone until now. I ordered this product on February 11th and just received it the other day. The product was a month getting to me and when I called they said they could do nothing for me. Do not recommend ANTOnline" Date: 3/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: Josh W.

"Ordered sump pump switch for $11 plus $7 shipping. Part was defective. It failed after a few cycles. Now if I want "possible" refund of $11 I need to pay another $7 for return shipping." Date: 3/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: gg a.

"The vendor was cavalier and discourteous to me when I attempted to track this package. The carrier they used was some UPS/USPS abomination that didn't track the package. Just today, USPS finally admitted to getting the package a week after the vendor said they shipped. I am very dissatisfied." Date: 3/7/2008 Rated by Buyer: Michael B.

"Seller sent defective GPS system (didn't work at all.) I immediately contacted them according to their instructions. They ignored my first request completely. After my second request to return it, they told me to send it back to Garmin for replacement or REPAIR, and refused to refund my money. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER! They do not honor their return policy." Date: 3/6/2008 Rated by Buyer: boardscore

"Nowhere in the product description did it say (also no picture was provided) that the top of the can cooler was shaped like a basketball. I asked for a refund including orig. shipping & return shipping. Only response I got was a link to the return shipping page. No acknowledgment of my request to get refunded for ship chgs. I requested for someone to call me, no response. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE" Date: 3/6/2008 Rated by Buyer: Capital I.

"Item was purchased by mistake - contacted seller immediately after the purchase, but could not cancel, and product is non-returnable as it is computer hardware. Will never buy from this seller again." Date: 3/6/2008 Rated by Buyer: Andy S.

"Please make you retrun process less onerous--I shouldn't have to wait 2 days to hear back from you regarding return instructions" Date: 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: Paula L.

"Ordered 100' of speaker wire & received only 87'. Customer service was arrogant and inconsiderate. Returned product and paid the return shipping. Had to involve Amazon to resolve issues. Buyers be aware!" Date: 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: haoyang p.

"Item was lost in transit. ANTOnline was contacted two days ago and has not responded back with a solution to problem." Date: 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: James A.

"Missrepresented item on website......then refused to take it back" Date: 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: Mei J.

"Good product, nice packaging, but awful shipping. They ship through UPS MI, which dsoesn't show tracking until the shipment is delivered. Tried calling ANTOnline and they told me that the carrier doesn't updates the tracking sometime until the delivery. You guys better ship through USPS or UPS." Date: 3/5/2008 Rated by Buyer: shashankmittal

"The process was fine, but the product is malfunctioning and I am having difficulties resolving the issue." Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: John D.

"The description was vague but it looked like the replacement I needed. When it arrived it was smaller than the size I needed. I asked for a return in which they made me pay for my own return label, $8.00 to ship back to them. So far that's $15 in shipping for a $12 item. My problem, I should have read the fine print. Just beware if this product does not work for you, you pay shipping." Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: Tracy

"Got photo frame...worked fine first day...second day put memory card in SD slot and would not read..have to use USB drive to make it work...notified seller by email on situation...NEVER heard back" Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: Joseph L.

"I had to return this item. It took vendor three calls to respond with pertinent information to return item." Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: James E.

"poor customer service, they got their money... teh hell with the customer." Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: chris

"I wanted a replacement for a defective, out of the box turntable. They went throught a two month process to refund my purchase price. I was out shipping cost in both directions and they said they would be happy to take my order for another turntable, but I would have to pay shipping again. ANTonline is OK if you don't have a problem. Beware! I won't be buying from them again." Date: 3/4/2008 Rated by Buyer: Paul

"bag arrived with open seams, looked a bit used. return process very prolonged and I still have not received a refund confirmation" Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: klj782


"shipping charges TRICKED me. Too late to retract after sale finalised. I would have been better off buying directly from Amazon." Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: prnc5

"I was very disappointed that the item ordered was not packed securely for shipping and arrived damaged. I am out the shipping costs both for shipping to me and to return the item!!" Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Judy G.

"Incompetent: they got the order wrong. Dishonest: they refuse to cancel the improperly filled order and refund my payment. Ignorant: they haven't answered my last three emails. I am left with one unwanted item plus its cost and the cost of its delivery. Add to that the time expended on 7 emails and a trip to the UPS Store. I have been treated with contempt by a contemptible outfit. Caveat emptor!" Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: fsmk

"Received an incorrect invoice ($100 too high) and both seller, ANTOnline and Amazon refused to correct it (Not my table.) Sent it back unopened. Customer Service of both is automated and have on provision for wrong prices." Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Frank E.

"I ordered on Feb. 7th. I've emailed twice, with no reply. I have not recieved my item. There is no way to get in contact with the seller by phone to straighten this out. Very poor customer service. Absolutely no response from seller on the status of the order." Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Morris &.

"They sent the wrong case and also do not mail to military APO addresses which caused me to send via a family member in the USA. When I contacted them they responded back with e-mail all of which except the first one were form letters. No flexibility when I addressed the situation pragmatically only arrogance and policy quotes. I would not advise anyone to deal with this company. No class!" Date: 3/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Eric A.

"item arrived fine, please stop trying to get feed back because it is a pain in the ass to fill this part out, I will not order from Amazon or ANTOnline just because I am tired of you trying to get the customer feed back information." Date: 3/2/2008 Rated by Buyer: Denise L.

"I ordered the wrong unit, opened it and they refused to take it back. I will try my damndest never to buy anything from amazon. They sugested I sell it on ebay B/S" Date: 3/2/2008 Rated by Buyer: GERALD J.

"return policy is an illusion even when it's obvious that the vendor made a mistake"
Date: 3/2/2008     Rated by Buyer: afd003

"This item was not delivered as promised (before 2-15-08) per phone conversation with antonline sales person. I refused the package and after several emails and phone calls I was not able to resolve the problem. Because they weren't able to deliver as promised, they charged me over $40 for the return." Date: 3/1/2008 Rated by Buyer: Eunice J.

"ordered 2nd day air item, shipper failed to put my full name so UPS was unable to ship and when I finally recieved the package it was the wrong item. Unable to help over the phone, only email, and was never able to get correct item." Date: 3/1/2008 Rated by Buyer: Briana E.

"Product Title was misleading and unclear, contacted within minutes of placing order to try to cancel the order and was told it was too late it had already shipped, which I do not understand how it took over a week to get here. They did not refund the shipping portion of the order and I had to pay for shipping to return item." Date: 3/1/2008 Rated by Buyer: Ryan M.

"I will never deal with this company again! Quick to take my money for a wrong item and very slow to issue a refund after it was returned." Date: 3/1/2008 Rated by Buyer: goldcoaster34935

Batch 2 - Feb 18-25 2007- 77 complaints in 7 days!

"Item ordered is not what was sent, company was no help, amazon.com came through though and took care of things! Yay for Amazon.com, boo for antonline."
Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: saline04

"I ordered the duplexer because the site said it would work with my printer. It was the wrong part. I submitted several RMA requests on their website, in addition to emailing their support email address. It has been 3 weeks and I have not received one response from them!!!!"
Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: Tim H.

"Urine-impoverished customer service."
Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: cjc681

Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: kerjules

"I was charged more for shipping than was on the Amazon site. I contacted the seller via email, but no reply."
Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: Paul C.

"the item i recieved wasn't the item shown on the website and i am not very happy with the item i tried contacting the seller and no response and i will never buy from this seller again"
Date: 2/25/2007     Rated by Buyer: Julie P.

"Received device and it was not functioning correctly. Very difficult to get RMA because their policy states you have to contact manufacturer first. Finally able to return to Ant Online and they said device was functioning correctly so they refunded minus 15% restocking fee. This device WAS NOT working. Not sure what they are up to for a mere $3.24. Difficult to deal with and unethical."
Date: 2/24/2007     Rated by Buyer: davejulien

"Very sneaky return details - even if product is untouched and unopened, a 15% re-stock fee and S&H costs are taken from refund. Poor nofitification of T's &C's at point of sale through Amazon.com."
Date: 2/24/2007     Rated by Buyer: hughbyrnes

"Do not respond to emails or provide Return Merchandise Authorization numbers 4 days after request has been placed."
Date: 2/24/2007     Rated by Buyer: Matthew P.

"The seller give the address to ups wrong, and ups miss my package, and they refund my money from 361 to 291... :-("
Date: 2/24/2007     Rated by Buyer: ricardo m.

"This person never ever responds to email. He said that I should email him to cancel an order. I emailed him 5 times 10 hours after I placed the order b/c the order hadn't shipped to cancel b/c I ordered the wrong card and he ignored all of my emails and never responded and then I received an email 2 days later that the item has shipped. DON'T DEAL WITH THIS GUY!! DON"T TRUST HIM!"
Date: 2/24/2007     Rated by Buyer: Ann D.

"Their refund policy is, "Products returned opened or with missing items, packaging or accessories or customer caused item, packaging or accessory damage that cannot be resold as new for any reason will be discarded with no refund." So, if one has opened an item and gets a return ok from the company, they will discard it upon receipt if they discover a box has been opened. Who ever heard of this?"
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: rgouldmd

"I received a damaged battery so I contacted them via email and they responded by asking if the box was damaged due to shipping and I said "no" the battery was damaged but the shipping box was fine. Their response was "We have asked UPS to look into this matter further" I again replied stating it was not a UPS issue. They have not responded."
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: Jerry

"NO customer service response -- their cust. service dept. is completely automated and I was unable to reach anyone in order to make a return. Will never buy from this merchant again."
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: hjz19

"4 weeks later-no order. They will only take your phone # & call you in 1 or 2 days, nobody will solve problem when I call, I have to wait at their convenience."
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: TAMARA S.

"Seller shipped wrong item and fails to acknowledge doing so - even though invoice clearly states HDMI-HDMI Cable and package and product is clearly HDMI-DVI Cable. Only option left to me at this time is to return and pay shipping and 15% restocking fee."
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: Christopher D.

"Misleading advertisment: 15in laptop sleeve doesn't hold my 15in laptop. Wanted to charge 15% + shipping to return it. Very poor customer service and long response time. I'll never buy from you again!"
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: artorres5

"Never received order and even after repeated E-mails saying that it was sent - It was never sent! Received refund from Amazon.com. When I see an item being offered by Antonline, I won't buy it."
Date: 2/23/2007     Rated by Buyer: edwerzyn

"where is my refund, this merchandise was returned...."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: donald m.

"There was no communication with them. Beware!!"
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: courtneytorres137

"This company does not answer emails or return calls."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: maryciocan

"The product did not work though it was advertised as being a match with my laptop. I havehad an RMA pending for over 2 weeks. I want to return the item for credit but get no response from antonline. Their phone # is sales only. Terrible service."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: kim s.

"ups shipped the package opened and damaged, they refunded the money back to antonline, antonline has not shipped a replacement nor have they givening me my money back, they dont respond to me in email or phone calls, they have my money for over 30 days and still i have no product or my money. they are avoiding me, they are theives. i will leave this poor feedback and advise amazon of the situation"
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: Thomas A.

"The headsets did not work as advertised with the Motorala tw-way radios we have and the retailer refused to take them back once they were opened. Now I'm stuck with non-functioning headsets. There was nothing on the order form that said you couldn't return them if opened. I would not have taken a chance and ordered them had I known."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: vertcal

"Wrong battery, wrong serial # sent--not even close to what we ordered or what was on their invoice. Seller did NOT respond to e-mails. Amazon reimbursed us. Seller was unpleasant when contacted by phone. They were not even willing to provide a return shipping label for the mistaken battery, stating that once Amazon was involved, they would do nothing."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: Katherine S.

"Delivery was fine. I tried to return the product to AntOnline and they wouldn't accept it because it was opened; even though everything was intact and worked fine. I will not buy from them again."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: Jake S.

"I have put in a request to cancel the order both via email and voicemail, and have yet to receive a response. It's been weeks, so I will just dispute it with AMEX instead."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: Marlon A.

"Product shipped damaged, and I returned it but I have not heard from them."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: Phalen O.

"Be sure to check out this comany's return policy. You cannot return a defective item for replacement. I purchased a new uniden phone system that did not work. The only option available for replacment is warranty through manufacturer."
Date: 2/22/2007     Rated by Buyer: jerry_lynn

"BEWARE OF THIS VENDOR! --- ships broken products, then refuses refunds"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: JasonG

"Defective product. Seller states since product was opened, no RMA #. Product, 120 Ex Hard Drive was installed per Mnfr instructions and was found to be defected. How do you determine a defect? You open and install, right?"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: doccard

"Had shipping problems...I sent 3 emails and never got a response back...Amazon finally refunded my money back."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: elizabeth c.

"Seller's tracking number always said "Tracking unavalible". No email sent was actually replied to, but instead was auto-replied by a bot. The order is already late and after reading all the other 1 out of 5's I'm currious if I will ever see the item or my money ever again. I will not use ANT online unless they can get some real customer service."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: magus_trigger

"I ordered my infrared remote on December 25th. They sent it out rather quickly, but they used UPS mail innovations. Somehow the package got lost in transit. It then became a HUGE hassle. I had to wait almost 3 weeks before I could even open a missing claim. Once I did, I never heard back from ANYONE. I had to open a claim with amazon to get my money. Its Feb 21st and im tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: superguss14

"Item was sent without required software CD. Trying to contact this company is extremely difficult. Its as if they don't want person to person contact only email. Then they don't repy."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: sheila v.

"Worst!!! Do not buy from this company"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: mohammad a.

"return item more than 7 weeks ago and still have not receive the credit for the returned item. And no reponse for update request either."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: sampson w.

"I will never buy from Antonline again. i wanted to return the item, but sent the ping to amazon, in the few days it took to get to antonline, my deadline to return passed. I had a question later about something missing in the shipment and sent another email, this time directly to Antonline, I got a non-responsive email reply. I resent asking for clarification, never heard back."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: Cindy W.

"This wall mount was recommended by amazon for my TV that I bought at the same time. It showed up and didn't fit my TV. I emailed antonline several times to tell them I want to return it and I haven't had a single response. Now I'm stuck with this worthless wall mount and had to buy a new one. My advice is STAY AWAY FROM ANTONLINE!"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: Daniel H.

"I will never deal with Amazon again and will spread the word for others not to deal with them also!"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: barbara t.

"Arrived damaged. Didn't respond to request for replacement."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: Christopher D.

"Would not accept return as box opened. Explained didn't know didn't work if didn't open. Then he wouldn't even respond to me. So I am stuck with product that does not work."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: reif@us.ibm.com

"Warning: stay away. Sells used item instead of new. Spent a lot of time with customer service of Amazon and this seller. Waste of time. They just keep sending auto responses, no phone numbers to call."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: adam1332

"Bad service!! Buyer be careful!! You don't want have to deal with this ANT online company!! Can NOT returned even is the seller's misled information. We bought "wireless phone jacks"- RCA RC930 & RCA RC920. They can't work together but they were sold as bundle deal. The customers won't know unless open the packages and try it . Can't reach anyone in the customer service at all. It's a pain!"
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: monkeyboy628

"Shipping took forever, when i tried to contact them about it they gave me conflicting answers. I then tried to talk to a supervisor who never even called me back. They failed to read my e-mails fully and only answered some of my questions. Very lazy,terrible customer service."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: ethnarch3

"Contacted seller about a return. Have not received their return form or any contact regarding return. Not helpful with returns."
Date: 2/21/2007     Rated by Buyer: Paula M.

"Wanted to charge 15% fee for return if you were not satisfied. I wasn't, & felt stuck with it. Not worth paying the fee + shipping."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: george_camas

"Phone arrived and CAN NOT be activated...No one answers the phone...are they bankrupt?"
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: funkatymom

"Item arrived broken. Did not contact seller, item was a gift to parent who didn't notice broken item until several weeks after delivery. Easier to fix than to deal with re-stocking and shipping fees."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: karelh

"I bought a wrong item and wanted to return it. But antonlie did not reply to me at all. You may want to give it a second thought to buy stuff from this seller."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: zz04

"The product I bought came disfunctional and they haven't awnsered a single of my emails."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: Antonio K.

"I feel as if antonline web setup advised me to order a accessory for my phone, however, the accessory was actually included with the main item purchased. When I tried to return the unneeded accessory - Antonline insisted on charging me a 15% restocking fee on a unopened item that I only order because of their web site. I would never have done this to my customers .."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: Vernon W.

"Retail seller shipped broken item, and refused to send unbroken item with return-envelope for broken item. Instead referred buyer to unnecessarily onerous and long process. Buyer ended up re-buying the item from a different seller. This transaction was a total loss."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: jploflin

"Product defective, seller did not allow return"
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: Deborah B.

"Sent the wrong item and then tried to blame Amazon; would not respond to attempts to get correct item."
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: Valerie A.

"Still have not been able to get this piece of hardware to work. Customer support hours do not allow a normal working person access. I mean come on guy your only available till 6pm and only M-F. I would not recoment this product to anyone"
Date: 2/20/2007     Rated by Buyer: Patrick J.

"I have tried to reach you for two months to return the product and no one has contacted me"
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: desem22

"Product not as described; customer service unhelpful; the instruction manual was not helpful."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: thsiao07

"Would NEVER order from them again! After product did not arrive before C'mas and I thus directed that it be sent back and bought a camera from a local retailer, they charged me $ for shipping & a re-stock fee. Horrible way to do business. If they were trying to frustrate me, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Anyone who asks us we'll tell them what a shoddy company Antononline is. RM"
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: ROGER C.

"Item was received defective, I was told to resell the item since I was unhappy with the item."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Dale N.

"Sent wrong item. Worst comunication ever. Gave my number and asked to be called to solve problem before leaving feedback. They never answered. I have all the emails from both sides. Theirs didn't even contain multiple sentences!"
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: christopher h.

"wrong item...when contacted was given the run around and correct item was never sent... DONT ORDER FROM ANT ONLINE!!"
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Kevan D.

"received defective speakers. antonline would not make good"
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Diane B.

"I attempted to cancel the order immediately after it was placed but it was in the evening. I did the next best thing and emailed the seller as I was advised. I then called them first thing thing in the morning. They had sent my order anyway, They kept more than half of the total cost for "restocking" and did not to respond to my repeated email contacts."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Katherine C.

"Unit non functional on arrival. Contacted Sirius to resolve. Sirius said to contact seller. Contacted ANTONLINE who said to contact Sirius. I requested a replacement or refund from ANTONLINE since they were the seller. Received no response from ANTONLINE. Beware of Amazon switching your order and responsibility to low quality vendors that you do not know."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: kstewart02048

"Return policy very difficult to follow and hard to find on website. Would not accept rerturn due to open box even though phone not used. Phone features were not consistent with what advertised."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Inga A.

"Product did not arrive before promised. Do not believe what they state for guranteed delivery - especially if it is a gift needed in time. I contacted this company, and they would not contact me back. I will never buy from them again."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: Peter A.

"The product I received was not what I expected, which was probably my mistake I wrote them twice asking whether I could exchange it for something meeting my needs, and got no real answer--each time just an auto-answer saying they would get back to me in 24 hr."
Date: 2/19/2007     Rated by Buyer: jamescevans

"I never recieved the case, tried contacting, no response"
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: colbycola

"2 DOA units of the UPB80 (one from vendor, one replacment from APC). But Antonline will not accept any returns or exchanges, so I'm out $200 with an unworking product after a month so far. No reply to my further inquiry from Antonline."

"They didn't even bother to reply to my e-mail. It was partifally my fault , because I didn't understand the poor return policy until it was to late. Even so, I'd never order from them again. The unwanted items are still sitting on the dining room table unopened. That I 'm upset would be fair to say."
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: Marguerite L.

"awful customer service, item was defective and seller did not wanted to take it back"
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: ignacio-07

"I sent a comment about what I was charged and never got a response. I was charge ~$60 more than the quoted price and I would like to know why."
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: monn_a

"I ordered this as a Christmas gift but it did not fulfill the requirements of the recipient. I have tried numerous times to return it through both Amazon and Antonline, Amazon's reseller, but with no success - either via the internet or phone. In fact, while Amazon at least returned my calls Antonline has ignored all of them. I will never again visit Amazon.com, nor antonline.com (obviously)."
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: Dick R.

"It is the first vendor through Amazon that I could not return the item."
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: hardingrc

"Very disapointed in cust. service. Item description lists with USB Cable, but did NOT have cable. Sent Two emails, never responded. Bought my own cable. Do However LOVE the printer. Awesome picture quality"
Date: 2/18/2007     Rated by Buyer: ldyscorpio

Date: 2/17/2007     Rated by Buyer: Phet

Batch 1: DEC 30 - JAN 3 (17 complains in 5 days)

"Needed to exchange item for another through ANTonline. Received a "form" email from company that item was not returnable by their policy. Tried to contact them for further information and they never responded. Amazon.com is working with me to make the situation right. Would give ANTonline very poor marks for their customer service and Amazon.com the highest marks for prompt response."
Date: 1/3/2007 Rated by Buyer: Daniel E.
"Shell company. No one answers phones. Unable to get money back from refused shipment. Watch out for this one!"
Date: 1/3/2007 Rated by Buyer: D K.
"This company is awful to deal with when it comes to returns. I had brought some speakers as a Christmas present and they told me since it has been over 30 days since I had placed the order I couldn't get a refund. I nephews ipod would work with this product and I didn't know this until Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to Atlanta Network Technologies!"
Date: 1/3/2007 Rated by Buyer: nehisherry
"Recieved item when suppose to but bad customer support. Wrong address on package, treated as though customer fault. Very unhappy!"
Date: 1/2/2007 Rated by Buyer: neroswolfgundam
"ITEM WAS NEVER RECIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!! NO REFUND ISSUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Date: 1/2/2007 Rated by Buyer: kristin m.
"Will not take product back if you open the package---you tell me how to determine whether the product is good or not with that policy!!!"
Date: 1/2/2007 Rated by Buyer: splainin3
"Ordered 12/26; Cancelled/Acknowledged 12/27 11:50 am; shipped anyway 12/28 7pm. Never again!"
Date: 1/1/2007 Rated by Buyer: Jeffrey H.
"Received the product, but the product was defective. Trying to return it for a replacement."
Date: 1/1/2007 Rated by Buyer: laharyr
"Shipping Carrier: Other? What the hell does that mean. How can I track my package if you don't tell me which service is being used to deliver it. Thank you for proving that I should order my products through another online vendor."
Date: 1/1/2007 Rated by Buyer: Jeff C.
"received garmin strretpilot i5 quickly. instructions were sparse. unit did not retain "to" address in memory, and as connection to cigarette lighter failed, all info lost requiring startover. antonline not helpful at all in return. not pleased."
Date: 12/31/2006 Rated by Buyer: jason s.
"I tried to cancel my order because shipping was as much as the item and they ignored and shipped my item. But its a great product"
Date: 12/31/2006 Rated by Buyer: Jonathan
"I ordered 3 items, only 1 came despite an invoice that noted 3. I contacted them and they only responded after 3 tries that it had shipped as ordered. No reponse when I replied that there was no evidence of theft and questioned if insured etc."
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: Anders E.
"horrible service. Send defective and used item. Sent email requesting exchange but no respond. Do not buy from this seller."
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: lan-vo
"Didn't arrive, unsolved shipping snafu!"
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: mia c.
"sent different item and did not respond to my email complaint..."
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: h2n
"Here it is 10 days after my order was placed and still no item, after charging an exorbitant shipping rate for such a small item. DO NOT BUY"
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: Christopher B.
"Would not buy from this seller again. Denied return of product (digital frame) in original packaging purchased as gift. (Product is useless due to compatibility issues with digital camera.) Buyer beware!"
Date: 12/30/2006 Rated by Buyer: Paul C.

(last update, March 18, 2008)

**actual customer quotes!